SHaW Control is committed to health and well-being and is passionate about supporting you in ‘Changing your Lifestyle.

We specialise in:-

  • Health and Wellbeing in schools
  • Children’s Weight Management

We Are SHaW Control

SHaW Control is a non-profit organisation specialising in children’s weight management. Its main goal is to offer children and young people also families, health and fitness management to enhance quality of life and longevity through fun physical activity, nutrition education and lifestyle modification.

Shaw Control helps overweight and obese children and young people to ‘Change their lifestyle’ for life. We deliver a program of health and fitness activities that support them in their journey to control and maintain a healthy weight. This is all achieved through Changing Lifestyle clubs and residential camps.

Shaw Control also delivers health and well-being programs in primary schools which focuses on helping the children to make successive small behaviour changes that will contribute to them leading a healthy lifestyle
Shaw Control has now extended its services to offer Health and Wellbeing programs for schools. It has designed programs to help schools improve the mental, social and emotional health of both staff and students through a variety of innovative activities.

What does Shaw Control stand for?


We get you active through a variety of fun physical activities


We teach you how to make healthier food choices


We help you to throw those bad habits out and introduce you to good ones


We teach you how to manage and maintain a healthy weight


We empower you to take control and lead a healthy lifestyle

Changing Your Lifestyle’ for Life

‘Shaping Your Future’

We give young people the confidence to ‘CHANGE’

Keep Up With What’s Happening

Mission Statement

SHaW Control aims to help overweight and obese children and young people make that first step into ‘changing their lifestyle’ through the development of health and fitness programs. We would like to support them in their journey to control and maintain a healthy weight in a positive and sensitive environment by modifying their nutrition and physical activity behaviours.

We believe weight management is lifelong.

We aim to help children and young people learn to value physical activities through positive social and emotional experiences.

We believe it is important for all children and young people to understand and experience the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the problem of overweight and obesity escalating into adult life.

Collaborations & Partners