About SHaW Control

How Our Story Began

SHaW Control was founded in 2007 when Hazel Shaw, an experienced PE teacher for many years began noticing the decline of the health and fitness levels in the students that she teaches. The fact that many teens around the U.K were overweight from such a young age motivated her to create SHAW Control, a non-profit organisation that inspires and supports young teens who are overweight to become healthier.

Changing Lifestyles is an initiative of Shaw Control that encompasses a 12-week weight management programme. It gives young people an understanding of the importance of making the right food choices and being physically active. It helps them make small changes in their lifestyle that will help them become fitter and healthier. The program is delivered through:

Currently, young people from the age of 11 – 16 years are helped to maintain a healthy weight by attending the weekly Changing Lifestyle Club. SHAW control will shortly be extending its services to younger children aged 6-10 years old.

Mission Statement

Shaw Control aims to create positive change in the physical and mental wellbeing of children, young people and adults. We would like to empower people to live their best lives by inspiring and supporting them to develop a lifelong commitment to health and wellbeing. Shaw Control has the passion, knowledge and vision to deliver a valuable program which will meet the needs of an educational establishment and encourage environmental and social support for a healthy lifestyle

We aim to help children and young people learn to value physical activities through positive social and emotional experiences. Shaw Control aims to give people a deeper understanding of what constitutes good health choices. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver a high quality health and wellbeing service that will endeavour to take people through a journey of lifestyle changes that will ensure effective long term healthy outcomes

Staff Profiles

Hazel Shaw
CEO of SHaW Control Ltd

Hazel Shaw is the Founder and Director of SHaW Control. She is an experienced Physical Education teacher of 20 years.

As a motivator and role model, Hazel has a unique connection with young people and children that stems from her experience and her own personal journey toward health and well being.
She is a dedicated sports person and is very passionate about her own level of health and fitness. Hazel has a great understanding of children’s needs when it comes to health and fitness, and is keen to inspire others through her own enthusiasm. As well as working with children she also runs Adult weight management sessions.

In 2008 she set up Shaw Control in a bid to help tackle the problem of childhood obesity in the UK. Her main focus is changing the lifestyle of young people, children and adults to a healthier one. She has a fun and enthusiastic approach towards inspiring people to achieving their goals.

Joanna Cohen
Director at Shaw Control

Joanna Cohen is a Director at Shaw Control. She is an experienced PE teacher who has a passion for health and fitness. She has delivered the Changing Lifestyle program in Primary schools and has been instrumental in evaluating its effectiveness. 

Kelton Mckenzie
Boxercise 4 Health

Former professional boxer set up a Sporting service; boxercise4health in 2009 to provide; fitness & academic boxing programmes to Health related businesses and organisations working with young people and adults living in Leicester & Leicestershire.
web: www.boxercise4health.co.uk.

Rupert Aikman
Healthy Lifestyle Solutions

• Nutritional workshops
• Healthy cooking courses
• Cooking and nutritional demonstrations
• Corporate wellness events
• Smoothie bike hire and packages
• Weight management initiatives
• Baby weaning classes
• 1 to 1 nutritional advice

Nicola Appleton

Hi, I’m Nic Appleton and I teach a variety of exercise disciplines for a large range of ages and requirements.  

I am qualified in Exercise to Music, Zumba, Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning and kids’ street dance. I also teach Hatha Yoga and children’s yoga for 2 1/2 – 16 years. I have been running a games and exercise/ dance session for adults with special needs and learning disabilities for the past 7 years. This is a group I particularly enjoy working with. I am also Level 3 GP Referrals qualified.