Primary School Changing Lifestyle Program

Promoting the health and well-being of pupils within schools is an important part of improving and achieving their educational outcomes. There is evidence to show that children with better health and well-being, achieve better academically.
Shaw Control is offering the opportunity to help schools support the health and well-being of their pupils with the main emphasis being on healthy lifestyles. It has a tailor-made program aimed at obesity prevention and emotional well-being. 


Program Content

The program is based on a ten-week block but is flexible according to the requirements of the school. Over the weeks the intention is to cover a number of topics related to a healthy lifestyle. Each week the children are set targets to encourage them to make small changes in their lifestyle that will contribute to their health and well-being.

Below is an example of some of the topics that are covered in the program

The sessions are delivered by fully qualified and experience staff, who have an extensive background of working with children in an educational setting and vast knowledge of health and fitness.

The sessions are delivered in a fun and innovative way, aimed at engaging the pupils and stimulating their learning. Pupils are encouraged to keep track of the changes they make throughout the duration of the program.

Primary School Health & Wellbeing Program Form

The program can be delivered within curriculum time or as an after-school club. The length of the session is normally one hour The program runs for 10 weeks and the cost per session is £40. Both the timing and length of the program is flexible. Shaw Control is happy to adjust this to meet the needs of the school

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